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5 Reasons why you should do Reformer Pilates

Posted by Michael Foo on

Why Should You Do Reformer Pilates?


Today we're going to explore 5 reasons why Reformer Pilates would be beneficial to your weekly exercise routine.

A reformer is a machine that was designed by Joseph Pilates. Joseph Pilates created Pilates as a physical fitness system in the early 20th century designed to strengthen the body and mind.

1) Dynamic

The reformer is designed to be more dynamic compared to mat-based Pilates as it incorporates the use of springs in the apparatus and multiple optional extras. You can do a pilates workout on a variety of equipment such as:

  • Reformer

DMA Clinical Reformer

  • Trapeze Table

Trapeze Table

  • Wobble Board

Wobble Board

  • Reformer Box

Reformer Box

  • Ladder Barrel
  • Etc

Ladder Barrel

2) Intense

The Pilates reformer is a traditional piece of Pilates equipment which looks like a bed with springs, a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys. There are usually up to 5 springs on the reformer that you can change depending on the amount of resistance required in the exercise or the type of exercise. It can be quite light with just one spring or quite heavy with all five springs loaded which means it can be adapted for people of varying exercise tolerances and strengths – from an elderly person to a fit young athlete.

Picture: Platform 3 Spring set


3) Versatility

There is a greater range of exercises that can be done on the reformer that allows for more changes and variety.

Reformer exercises target the whole body - core, upper body and lower body while matwork focuses more on core and due to the springs allows for more resistance training and toning of the muscles.

4) Specific

Reformer Pilates can be used as a specific training tool as it trains core stability which is important for reducing neck and back pain issues, as well as neuromuscular control, muscle strength and endurance, joint stability, balance, co-ordination and much more. The reformer is useful in breaking down complex exercise movements and making the exercise more specific so that it targets the muscles required in the movement and assists in their activation and recruitment.

5) Therapeutic

Reformer Pilates is also beneficial for training of the lower body such as the knees as it reduces the amount of load bearing through the joint since the body is exercising in a horizontal plane. For example, after a knee replacement surgery, the horizontal plane allows you to work on the leg muscles using a lower resistance than your body weight and also enables you to move the joint through a larger range of motion which helps to speed up the post operative recovery.


Depending on the brand, the reformer can be made of either wood or steel frame. Some sit on the floor while others are raised. A raised pilates reformer allows Certified Clinical Pilates Instructors to easily assist and their clients during classes to allow for optimal therapeutic benefit.

Whiteley Allcare Wooden Reformer


At The Core Store, we aim to have a variety of different types of reformers for you to choose from so that you can have the perfect piece of equipment for your gym/house!







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