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About Us


"The Core Store is an extension of my passion for pilates.

This really all began when I started as a Clinical Pilates Instructor.

I asked myself, what should I be expecting from my equipment?

I believe I'm in the right place to know what I want for pilates"



  Co-Founder, BSc Physio, Clinical Pilates Instructor

"Connecting with health professionals and individuals

whom care deeply about the inner health.

That's what drives me! Whether it's physical fitness

or food & nutrition, we believe we're going to built a platform

that reaches out and connects with people."



Co-Founder, BSc (Nutrition), Dietitian

Our Vision

The Core Store was created because Reformer-based pilates has been increasing in popularity and we want reformers to be accessible to everyone. We have reformers catering to every budget so that you can have your reformer with you at home or in a gym. 
Reformers are an excellent tool for working on core stability and we believe that a happy core leads to a happy soul!



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