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DMA Clinical Pilates

DMA clinical pilates™ is used in leading clinics, hospitals and National Institutes of Sport throughout Australia, Asia and the UK. Physiotherapist Craig Phillips (founder of  clinical pilates TM 1988)  combined his knowledge as a former dancer with the Australian Ballet to  study extensively in the USA with many of the pilates masters and their contemporaries. He has gone on to develop & research  Clinical Pilates as a treatment process that separates problems from symptoms using a unique clinical prediction tool. Individualised “Functional Stability” has now replaced  standard “Core Stability” programs. This is what makes DMA clinical pilates™ unique.

Developed in Australia by physiotherapists, the DMA Clinical Pilates reformers are designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent demands of clinical use. This evolution of the traditional Pilates Reformer provides the safest, most versatile and ergonomic option currently available.

The DMA Clinical Pilates reformers and trapeze tables are all made in Victoria, Australia. Supporting the local Australian health and economy.